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Ahmed Gourari was born in 1965 in Hautmont (Haut-de-France).

From an early age, he devotes himself to drawing, for pleasure with the enthusiasm that animates all curiosity.

Self-taught? it is totally with a freedom of expression that he does not claim but which is, quite simply. Life goes on. Like a "long calm river", it removes it for a time from what will later be obvious: "the love of the Line".

Years later, after a profound questioning of the course of its history, it deviates the course of this long river which became very tumultuous.

"Love of the Line" is there, waiting for him. She digs furrows in him, she reveals it to himself while giving hitself to see. Drawing becomes a discipline that feeds on his memory, this subtle blend that emerges from the union of a West and an East is far closer than it seems.

And this is how he naturally moves towards the practice of the line. The form is meant to be abstract, perhaps out of necessity. Or to allow everyone to make their melody heard. There is something musical in all his signs and colors that give us to see his paintings. We must linger over these voids we meet, silences necessary for the sound of this music that brings us together.

"Kan ya makan: Once upon a time" ... a child who wanted to draw so much.


Ahmed, tell us about yourself ...

Fatna Gourari

My artistic approach

My recent approach to drawing brings me appeasement and openness to unknown places. My lines come alive in different geometric shapes, punctuated by undulations and vibrations. The movement that emerges from my drawings will lead you into an inner  journey in an imaginary labyrinth.

My artistic training is mainly self-taught. I work mainly with a metal pen and Chinese ink . I alternate with envy with a Japanese brush or a « Calame » (piece of cut reed). 

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